Educational Resources

Molecular Knowledge Systems provides a variety of educational resources to help you better utilize our software products, understand physical property estimation and design new chemical products. We provide courses, webinars, presentations, white papers and more. Many of these resources are available for free from the links on this page and in the Library section of our website. Please contact us for information about our instructor led courses.

Online Courses
Course Description Applicability Course Notes Online Video
Basic and common operations All Apps 004-0001 Notes - - -
Editing molecular structure All Apps 004-0002 Notes - - -
Estimating chemical properties All Apps - - - 004-0003 Video
Estimating mixture properties All Apps - - - 004-0004 Video
Overview of Estimation Techniques All Apps 004-0003 Notes - - -
Editing and adding estimation techniques All Apps - - - 004-0005 Video
Designing chemicals Synapse - - - 004-0006 Video
Training Resources

The following table lists some of the resources useful for following the course material given above. (Note: the documents listed below may note be compatible with earlier versions of Cranium and Synapse.)

Resource Material Applicability Link
Cranium reader Cranium App Download
Synapse reader Synapse App Download
Training knowledge base All Apps Knowledge Base
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